Omega Mens Seamaster 300M: Keeping The Time Like 007

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The Bond, James Bond Appeal
The Omega Men’s Seamaster 300M. The Official Timepiece for none other than 007 James Bond. Why is James Bond such a Timeless Icon for Cool.

Could it be his Style… well I definitely think that’s at least part of it.

I think we have all wanted to be James Bond at one point or another in our lives. I myself have been guilty of this in probably one of the the more embarrassing ways.

When I was a teenager obtained my British Citizenship (I have a British Father) flew to the UK and applyed to join the Parachute Regiment.

My plan was to advance to the SAS and after that get a position with her Majesty’s Secret Service (MI5 or MI6…. to be honest I still don’t even know if MI6 is a real department).

I had many reasons to want to join the military and MI5/6 but I would be lying if I said I didn’t lie awake at night dreaming about wearing the suit and watch, carrying a shoulder holstered weapon and flying around saving the world from international terrorist and criminals.

My Life and Desires have changed a lot since then but a couple things have remained the same. First I still Love James Bond Movies and Second If I am going out to dinner with a Supermodel I am going to do it dressed just like James…. minus the gun of course.

The Omega Mens Seamaster

The Seamaster watch movement is Swiss Automatic and has a Screw-down Helium Escape Valve at the 10 o’clock position and a date window at 3 o’clock. It has the Omega 2628 Power Reserve and unidirectional rotating bezel.

The Seamaster is water resistant up to a depth of 1000 feet.

It has luminescent hands and a 41mm case with an adjustable stainless steel bracelet and fold-over-push-button clasp. The face dial is an anti-reflective, scratch resistant blue sapphire.

Omega Mens Seamaster Watch Functions & Features

Men who live on the edge, as well as people who are looking for a watch that offers style as well as functionality, choose the Seamaster. Omega’s exclusive Co-Axial escapement makes it a great diving watch.

Its helium escape valve allows helium to be released in highly pressurized places like 300 meters below the sea.

Its masculine design is 41mm wide and 11.5 mm thick has a rhodium-plated finish. The blue with silver markings unidirectional bezel is aluminum.

It frames a blue dial background with dotted dial markers and luminous hands. It has a screw-in caseback and a glare proof sapphire crystal as well as a screw-locked crown.

The Seamaster lives up to its reputation for being an luxury timepiece which provides years of service, thanks to its timeless design.

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Is The Omega Mens Seamaster Watch Worth It?
Omega truly is one of the best in watch development and design.

The Omega Seamaster is a high quality timepiece that continues the tradition of perfection in personal timepieces; perfection is synonymous with the Omega’s name.

The Seamaster is a great travel companion especially on international trips. As my friend once said to me “It’s a man’s watch that compliments the personality of its owner”.

It’s a value as well as a luxury and it gets better with age.

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The 007 Limited Edition

Omega Limited Edition Seamaster 007
With Signature James Bond Features this watch is sure to help you live your 007 Lifestyle and with only 10,007 ever made you will be in an exclusive club of Die-Hard enthusiasts.

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TAG Heuer Mens Formula 1 Watch: The Watch for the Everyday Adventurer.

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TAG Heuer Mens Formula 1 review

We all know the Type, and for some of us… it is US! Those who want more from our everyday life and we are determined to Live it. Whether it’s Action or Adventure, in Hot Climates or Cold Climates, We share a bond and that speak to others about our Desire make everyday count for something. To look back at the end without regrets and say ” Yeah, I Lived”.

The TAG Heuer Men’s Formula 1 watch is the only watch for anyone living life to the fullest. This rugged, bold watch looks and feels like it can stand up to anything whether you’re rock climbing or water skiing, you know it’ll keep on ticking.

Good news for those looking to buy the TAG Formula 1 – it is currently on sale for less than $1000 at Amazon through this link. Supplies are limited though so hurry!

The stainless steel band, with a fold over clasp and additional safety, means the thought of losing it never even crosses your mind.
Tag Heuer Formula 1

The red watch face makes a statement no one can ignore, and luminescent hands and hour ticks at five minute intervals keep people checking it out even when it’s dark.

I’m never surprised when I get compliments on this watch; there’s just no way not to notice it.

The dial is covered with scratch resistant sapphire and the watch is water resistant for up to over 600 feet. So when I went hiking to a lake with my girlfriend, I didn’t need to take it off and store it while climbing rough terrain or for the swim we enjoyed afterwards. It was one less thing to have to think about, and I liked that a lot–it let me focus on my girlfriend.

Three sub dials, including a stopwatch, take precision timing to a whole other level and make this watch more than just a way to keep time. Unlike most watches, the date is under the four o’clock marker, which I find to be much easier to read than the traditional three o’clock position.

I’m not normally one for celebrity endorsements, but after having this watch and wearing it every day for the past three months I wasn’t surprised when I found out it’s the watch worn by Fernando Alonso, a Formula One champion who races for McLaren Mercedes. It certainly feels like it stand up to the kind of wrecks those guys get in to.

There are multiple versions of this TAG :

Tag Heuer Limited Edition Kimi Raikkonen

And since it’s a TAG, the brand name speaks for itself I never worry about mechanical issues cropping up or that it’s not telling me the right time. If you enjoy the outdoors and lead an active lifestyle like I do, this watch is definitely worth the investment.


Cartier Women’s Santos Watch review: Simple and Elegant design.

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Cartier Women’s Santos Watch Review

The Cartier Women’s Santos stainless steel watch has all the attributes of Class. Simple and Elegant just like our lives should be.

There is a very good reason why Celebrities and even Royalty choose Cartier Watches when they are being snapped by the Paparazzi. With their Slim, Comfortable and Elegant Designs you can look like a Star without all the pretense.

If you are interested in buying this watch, I highly recommend you click here to buy from Amazon. They are one of the few online certified Cartier Dealers.

A very clean watch design…

The band, made of straight links in a clean, streamlined style is studded with two tiny screws on either end of each link. The beautiful detailing extends to the square watch face, which is accented by a polished stainless steel border that also has eight delicate screws around the edges.

The shine of the steel casing is offset nicely by the white watch face bordered with black Roman numeral hour markers. Minutes are delineated with an attractive inner border of tiny squares underneath the hour numerals.

The minute hand is a blue-tipped sword that extends over the minute squares directly to the Roman numerals, makes it easy to determine the exact time.

So comfortable it is easy to forget it’s there!

The best thing about this watch, however, is its comfortable and perfect fit. The watch case is curved, making it conform better to the natural curve of your wrist and helping the bracelet to fit snugly. The deployment clasp helps me to put on or take the watch off without having to ask my husband for help.

What I like best about the Cartier Santos

  • Simple and Clean Design
  • Roman numeral digits – don’t see that very often anymore.

Things I don’t like about it

  • A little on the high end of the price spectrum
  • Only water resistant to 30M. You shouldn’t be scuba diving with a $3000 watch on anyway!

All of this is capped off with an octagonal crown, with a gorgeous blue spinel in the center, large enough to make changing over to daylight savings time easier (and gives it that signature Cartier look).

It’s water resistant up to ninety-nine feet and has a scratch resistant sapphire face cover, so you can relax while wearing it knowing that a spilled glass of champagne or an accidental brush against a table won’t ruin your luxury timepiece.

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But Cartier didn’t get its reputation on looks alone. Like all Cartier watches, the Women’s Santos stainless steel watch uses precision Swiss technology to keep accurate time. Comfort, style, beauty what more could a girl want from a watch?


TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series review: The best link watch model under $1500.

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TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series Watch Review

If Quality and Versatility are high on your list this is the watch for you.

With TAG Heuer’s Link Series you can have a watch that will withstand the day to day activities and of a “Real” person and look fantastic whether you are spending a day with the kids at the park or going for an evening out with your Lady.

She’s going to be look amazing and you should too… if you want to keep her that is.

Good news for those looking to buy this watch – it is currently on sale at Amazon for over 50% off here. Hurry though because the promotion ends soon.
Elegant detailing, such as the ribbed crown edge and solid face center (surrounded with a sleek, wave design as a background for the numbers) allow this watch to fit with a suit as easily with a polo shirt and khakis.

The illuminated hour hands and hour markers allow you to subtly check the time in the theater or a dimly-lit restaurant (or in a darkened board room during a media presentation). The date calendar ensures I always know what day of the month it is.

I knew TAG Heuer was a brand known for its accuracy, but I still can’t believe how accurately this watch keeps the time. I haven’t had to reset it a single time since I first bought it eight months ago and it’s just as accurate as the clock on my cell phone.

And for all of its design and functional qualities, I don’t feel like I’m lugging a brick around on my wrist, either.

The case is only thirty-nine millimeters wide and ten millimeters thick, making it a good, light fit on my wrist. The safety on the fold over, push-button clasp means I never worry about the watch slipping off and getting lost, either.

At night, I store it in the thick, durable stainless-steel case, which helps me rest easy at night knowing the watch will be ok if my cat knocks the case off the nightstand. In fact, I think the case weighs more than the watch!

Looking to buy this watch cheap? It is currently on sale at Amazon for only $1249.

The TAG Heuer Men’s Link Series watch is definitely a quality timepiece. It’s easy to see, now that I own one, why so many sporting franchises (including the Olympics) rely on this brand to keep time for events. It certainly does its job keeping time for me in my daily life.